MOCO Inspired: Mantra of the Year

Jan 4, 2020

Can you believe it is 2020,? Not only do we have a brand New Year ahead of us … we have a NEW DECADE!

We’ve said goodbye to 2019, and we’re launching into 2020 with fresh energy. This is YOUR YEAR. I want to help you celebrate with something really fun!

Are you ready to get FOCUSED? Here’s an exercise that can set the tone for your entire YEAR.

Take a few minutes (or maybe even a whole day) to think about how you really want to live this year …


What word(s) describe how you want to feel in 2020?

What changes do you want to make/need to make (be as brutally honest with yourself as you can!)?

Paint a picture of what you want your life (health and fitness-wise) to look like 3 months from now, 6 months from now, 1 year from now!

Some possible words might come to mind as you consider all this:

Strong – Connected – Resilient – Brave – Renewed – Grateful – Faithful – Peaceful – Loving – Inspiring – Confident – Present … there seriously are so many great choices!

Your job is to pick JUST ONE WORD that resonates with you, and make it your mantra for the year!

It doesn’t have to be a word from the list above – this word should be unique to YOU.

It should ignite an emotion within you – inspiration, relief, clarity – because of the meaning it carries for you.

Let this word fuel your thoughts and actions every single day.

Use it to clarify the decisions you’ll make, the actions you’ll take … and even how you view the people around you!

It’s incredible how ONE WORD can give a specific intention to everything you do. This will help you be more present and “in the moment.”


  • Look at your word first thing when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to sleep at night.
  • Post it on your desk.
  • Make it your screensaver (on your phone & computer!)
  • Repeat it a couple of times a day.
  • This habit can fall by the wayside after a few days, so keep those reminders posted!
  • One reason this is such an effective practice is that it’s SIMPLE.


Once you choose your word, I’d love for you to share that with me!

Head over to MOCO Fitness Facebook Page and let me know what your word is! EXAMPLE – MY MANTRA OF THE YEAR IS #EMPOWER

Let’s make 2020 a year to remember!!!

PS: If you’re ready to make 2020 YOUR YEAR… and you’re ready to create a real change in your life and make yourself a priority….. you knowwww I’ve got you!!!


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