Monique (MOCO) Cormier, B.A., PTS

Transformation & mindset coach


MOCO, owner of MOCO Fitness, is a Health & Fitness Life Coach specializing in motivating individuals to achieve their personal goals, whether it be weight loss, optimizing lean body mass, increasing strength and flexibility, or utilizing exercise to reduce life’s daily illnesses and stresses. 

As a fitness professional and mother of two boys, Jye and Troy, MOCO is very aware of the challenges facing mothers, future mothers, parents and adults in reaching and maintaining their fitness goals. Who we are and who we will be is defined by how we respond to these challenges. MOCO’s primary goal as a Health & Fitness Life Coach is to assist each individual with a plan to optimize their health through both physical training and sound nutrition. It’s also pivotal to encourage her clients to get their family members on board, so they too can share in a vastly improved quality of life.

After realizing through her own lifestyle transformation experiences how beneficial exercise was to her pregnancy and subsequent delivery, MOCO gets excited at the prospect of helping others.  Her enthusiasm and interpersonal skills result in her clients adopting permanent positive changes in their lifestyle that enable them to maintain their excellent health and fitness for a lifetime.  She focuses not merely on nutrition, but on the art and science of habit change because, she believes, that it is your habits that determine your health, your relationships and everything else.  

MOCO states: “Health is the first doorway to transformation starting with your mind, emotions and habits.  When you are healthy, you have more to give to your clients.  When your clients are healthy, they have more life energy to channel into their relationships, career, house, community, spirituality, and intentional lifestyle design.  On the other hand, if you don’t have health, you’ve got depletion, exhaustion, perhaps even illness, and then it’s really hard to make ANY changes in your life when you do not feel good or have no energy, isn’t it? When you have no confidence, no self esteem or no self love, you have nothing!  So the first step to changing someone’s life is to change the health of their habits, their emotions and their self worth.  In all aspects of life, in order to succeed you must “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk.” 

Monique has competed in Worlds Amateur Figure/Women’s Physique & National Mixed Pairs Competitions, CN Tower Climb Races, 64 km Canoe Races, 5 km and 10 km races. She holds some of the top awards in Northern Ontario. She strives for more knowledge by taking continued educational courses and seminars for her clients because she believes they deserve the very best.

Success is not given, but is achieved through hard work, patience and consistency.

MOCO is a fitness expert with a passion for motivating and inspiring others. With her devotion to health and fitness, she uses her personal experiences from achieving her own weight loss goals (90lbs) to understand her clients and motivate them to love themselves and to be happy, healthy, and fit. She teaches people how to live a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off forever with life changing results both inside and out. Through her hard work and dedication to her clients, MOCO is following her dreams to be a top fitness model to motivate the world by sharing her life journey.

MOCO’s mission statement is to empower her clients mentally and physically through motivation, education, and inspiration. As a Health & Life Coach, MOCO specializes in lifestyle transformation programs, designing & developing sport-specific programs, weight management maintenance programs and functional conditioning programs focusing on how to exercise safely and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Monique has competed in many fitness competitions from Regional to Provincial, National and Worlds Amateur, where she has placed 1st on numerous occasions. Her most recent accomplishment is placing 8th in the Arnold Classic 2018 Figure Championships and 2nd Mixed Pairs in the National Championship with her husband, Joe Cormier.

Moco’s Achievements

2021 Women’s Amateur Olympia
10th Place Figure

Arnold Classic World Amateur Championships March 2018
8th Place Figure

National Canadian Champion July 2016
2nd Place Mixed Pairs
WORLD Qualifier

Provincial Championships June 2016
3rd Place Mixed Pairs
National Qualifier

Sudbury Classic Championships May 2016
1st Place Women’s Physique Masters (35+)
1st Place Mixed Pairs
Provincial Qualifier June 2016

Gale Championships November 2015
3rd Place Women’s Physique Open (18 yrs+)
Provincial Qualifier June 2016

Mo-Muscle Guelph Championships June 2015
1st Place Masters (35 yrs+)
Provincial Qualifier June 2016

Provincial Championships June 2015
6th Place Master Figures (35 yrs+)
(One away from Nationals; only the top 5 qualifies)

London Championships November 2014
1st Place Master Figure (35 yrs+)
1st Place Figure Open (18-34 yrs)
Provincial Qualifier June 2015